About the Training

  • Each course, no matter what level, will have a maximum of three students. This means that there will never be more than three students in or out the water during the training. This assures that students will receive personal attention at all times.
  • All dive equipment that students can borrow from Vuelo Submarino will be without additional cost. However, if equipment is unavailable, the student shall have to source the equipment they don’t have. Vuelo Submarino can assist in the sourcing of equipment, but the ultimate responsibility to obtain the gear, is the complete responsibility of the student.
  • The students must use the correct thermal protection for the training. In Chilean waters a dry suit is recommended. The students who don’t have a dry suit shall need to use a wetsuit. It should be noted that a lack of thermal protection might result in less time spent underwater due to the cold (pending the students resilience to colder water).
  • A training day is typically 7 hours of diving lessons during the same day. During this day the student will have training in and out of the water, both theoretical and practical. A day of training can be divided in two, but never in more segments. A day of training with less than 3.5 hours is considered a half day, a day with training of more than 3.5 hours is considered a full day.
  • Each course has a specified number of days to be performed and the price of each course covers those number of days. If the student requires additional days of training, then additional payment will be needed – each course has an specific price for each additional training day.